Saturday, October 10, 2009

i lied!

yep, despite my last post, in which i stated i'd not be posting for a while, being only about 24 hours ago, here i am again. with a new illustration!! i blame it on the boogey. literally! i've been listening to the x x. they're so cool, and their music is so smooth, and, for me, inspirational! bad blood by simian mobile disco hooked me in as well!
so it's with thanks to them that i have a new addition to the folio!
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  1. thanks for following me :D I love your illustrations,they're so beautiful!

    (ps the xx are awesome!)


  2. thanks rachel!
    i love your illustrations as well (hence I'm following!)
    there's so much inspiration to be found in the blog world, i love it!
    sara - herman and ivy