Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i just took some photos of my work area, and thought i'd share. the concept is for an assignment, but it was great, cos it meant i finally cleaned up my study! hope you enjoy. and for more voyeuristic insights, check out paul barbera's website - it's all about creative's workspaces.


  1. wow! your workspace is so creative! i love it! :-)


  2. I love looking at other peoples workspaces! yours is soo much more organised than my heap of stuff on the floor hehe

  3. me too! that's why i put the link up to 'where they create'. And it's not normally that organised - I cleaned it especially for the photos! hehe!

  4. wow, cool! i did this a few years ago and its so interesting to see how much everything changes (like my mag collection has doubled at least!)
    Here is what it looked like last year: