Thursday, February 3, 2011


i'm revamping my blog, and have decided to start adding things that i find in the weird wide web, things that i find cute. (read: kitsch!). but i did read a quote by Robert J Stoller that stated: kitsch is the corpse left when art loses its anger. i can't locate my anger, so for now, i'm happy with kitsch!
watches from we wood. i am absolutely in LOVE with these watches! i prefer the rectangle face, but the one with the round face is a women's. maybe i'll just have to have both!
haha. these make me giggle.
these are so cute. if only my niece and nephew weren't so old. perhaps i should just get them for myself...
and finally - these frames are so convenient for those living in blank-wall-purgatory (also known as renting). they're cardboard frames that can be attached to walls with blutack. simple.

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