Friday, June 3, 2011

long distance relationships

i've never been in a long distance relationship, but i can't imagine it would be very fun. more fun than being single? perhaps. either way, this is the illustration i did for an article in charlie magazine about... yep, long distance relationships.
check the article out here, in issue 4.


  1. I definitely don't know how people do it! (Long distance) but this illustration captures the feeling i'd imagine, perfectly! it's also just a fantastic picture x

  2. the illustration reflects the feeling well, really well.

    (I dunno why I can't comment with my Blogger profile!)

  3. this is beautiful. so emotive. i love your work

  4. i love the map inclusion!
    i havent been in a long distance relationship either. i cant imaging it would be easy. i would be hopeful that modern technologies and things like skype would make it better than years past.

  5. so words to describe this! love the little bit of detail like the map, and she is so beautiful though sad. also need to give credit where credit's due- you work is featuring in my 30 Day Photo Challenge for June 2011. it's on my blog if you want to see if, didn't want to be a blogwhore and put the link here :)xx

  6. long distance does suck but your illustration is lovely, nice work!