Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An update...

So I have changed my mind.
I feel like the decision I made to leave the world of Blogger was not the right one for me at the time.
So, I am back!
I will update what I can remember has happened of any importance since I posted on here last.
I think the least overwhelming way to do this will be to do a few different posts.
Let's go...
The best thing that happened to me, as far as my 'career' is concerned, was that I got a contract to illustrate a cook book. That was FUN! And so unexpected!
I posted a recipe to THEY DRAW AND COOK, which they posted. If you haven't already, check the site out.
Next, GIBBS SMITH publishing got in touch with me based on seeing that one post.
I really still can't believe how it happened, and truly feel so lucky to have been spotted by them.
Here's the link to the book.
And here are a few pics of some of the illustrations I created to go in the book... (the book is about salad dressings!)

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